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Smile is considered to be an act or expression of joy or happiness which is followed by brightening of face or glowing up of one’s countenance. It is used to express pleasure, mirth or happiness. Smile might be a fully bright one and cheerful. Smiling faces look more bright, cheerful and resplendent. People smile when they are extremely happy or find something quite amusing or funny. Smile may even be supplemented with laughter in any case. But life is a strange or humdrum affair. An evergreen smiling person may have worm-like grieves gnawing at his very existence and a dull, idiotic and smiling person may be blissfully happy. In the words of Andrea Thompson, “Acting is a sense of wonder and magic and mystery for me and when life takes me on a new journey, I simply remember the smile my first ballet recital put on my face and I move forward.”


Anurag Prakash Ray

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