Saturday Night Live Quotes & Sayings

Saturday night live is the live American television sketch comedy that is telecast late night. Developed by Lorne Michaels and di.. Ebersol, the skit features contemporary American culture and politics in a humorous note. It is one of the longest running network television programs with over 700 episodes over a span of 36 seasons, some of which have even made into feature films. The quotes on Saturday night live are noteworthy for their humor and satire. For instance, by Alec Baldwin (saddam Hussein) one quote says, “I feel like an American idol and all the witnesses are Simon cowell”. Te viewer cannot hide his laugher when Steven Wright says,” I have a large sea shell collection that I keep scattered on the beaches all over the world…may be you have seen it “. Here is a collection of quotes on Saturday night live. Read them and you will enjoy the quotes as well as the entire episodes.

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Chuck Palahniuk

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