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Scientists are curious people who have unrelenting curiosity to discover further and further. They have this inborn curiosity in them which drives them to learn more and more and discover new things. Also, necessity is the mother of invention. This is another driving force behind the scientists. Jacques Cousteau rightly said, “Scientist is a curios man looking through a keyhole, the keyhole of nature trying to know what is going on”. Since they share their discovery with us, they contribute a lot to the humanity. “A good scientist is a person in whom the childhood quality of perennial curiosity lingers on. Once he gets an answer he has other questions “says Fredrick Seitz. This sums up the inherent character of scientists and history has seen many great scientist ranging from Aristotle, Plato, ,Albert Einstein, Galileo, Louis Pasteur, Marie curie –to name only a few. Here are quotes on scientists. Read them they are interesting.


George Zafiris

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