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Scouting is the activity of the boy’s scouts or girls scouts. Scouting teaches how to be disciplined, the importance of punctuality, effectiveness of exercising, and many more. The scout master guides him or her through a rigorous ordeal which will physically and mentally prepare the student for tough exercises and discipline. Scouting spirit is there in everyone; it only needs to be brought out to the limelight. Success in training the boy depend largely on the scout masters own personal example. When responsibility is offered to the scout, they realize the importance of it and immediately act upon it. Though externally, it seems that scouting involves strict instructions, they are actually educated and not instructed. In scouting the boy wholeheartedly gets himself involved and understands the aim of the training. One quote on scouting says, “A scout is never taken by surprise, he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.

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Lord Baden Powell

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