Self Pity Quotes & Sayings

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Self Pity means the state when one feels sorry for oneself. Self pity is felt when the situations or circumstances are too adverse and the human being does not have confidence or the ability to cope with the situation. A person feels pity on himself when he feels that he was a victim of circumstances which were too demanding and adverse and hence he deserves condolence and commiserations. Self pity is a negative emotion and it does not help in dealing with adverse situations. It is a quality that cowards possess. The brave always face difficult and testing situations with grit and fortitude. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Self pity causes depression and leads to a sad state of mind. In the words of Julie Nixon Eisenhower, “If it weren't the problem of politics for me, it would be another. And yet, sometimes it's so difficult. And I feel sorry for myself. And then hate myself for this feeling of self-pity.”


Dr Anil Kumar Sinha

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