Snobbery Quotes & Sayings

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The quality or state of being snobbish or snobbishness is called snobbery. A snobbish is a person who possesses the characteristics of a snob. A snob is a person who considers that people are inherently inferior to him for a variety of reasons such as intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, taste, beauty or some other asset. Snobbish people carry attitude on their nose and walk with a distinguished gait or sense of pride. Snobbishness is an expression of social insecurity. Snobbish people basically belong to the elite group of people or the so-called nouveau riche, who are quite flamboyant about their possession of wealth. In the words of Irvine Welsh, “Sometimes there's snobbery among literary types that these people don't really get it, but in a lot of ways they get it more than the literati. There's a culture in the background that they understand and know. They get that deeper level.”



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