Snow Quotes & Sayings

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Snow is formed of watery particles which coalesce with each other to form crystals or flakes in the air and fall on earth as hailstones. Snow is white in colour and possesses several beautiful and perfect forms. Many countries have snowfall throughout the year. There are seasons when we have snowfall or snowflakes falling on the earth. Skiing is a form of sport which is practiced on snow. People used as a ski to glide on snow and wear it over the foot by attaching it to through the boot. Skiing is a popular means of recreational activity or sport practiced in countries where there is snowfall throughout the year. In the words of John Thorn, “As the game enters its glorious final weeks, the chill of fall signals the reality of defeat for all but one team. The fields of play will turn brown and harden; the snow will fall, but in the heart of the fan sprouts a sprig of green.”



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