Song Writing Quotes & Sayings

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Song writing is a gift that only a few people possess. It is a process which comes from within and carries a lot of meaning and emotion. When the song writer puts in his or her heart and soul into the song, it is sure to touch the feelings of the listener. “Song writing is a very mysterious process. It feels like creating something from nothing. Its something I don’t feel like I can really control” said Tracy Chapman. Certain people feel that song writing is as difficult as the birth of a new one and toil down to bring the best out of it but others feel it is as easy as a cake. Adam Duritz is of the latter category and he says, “For me, song writing is something like breathing. I just do it”. No one is born a writer and so, repeated attempts to write songs can yield good results one day. Read these quotes on songwriting and share them with others.



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