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Weight loss refers to the reduction in body weight by physical or surgical methods and even naturally. Weight loss is aimed at cutting down the unnecessary fat in a person’s body, so as to give him a finer and leaner frame. A slimmer body is often a fitter body with stamina and resistance to diseases. Weight Loss is often termed as ‘the battle of the bulge’ when obese individuals resort to physical exercise to cut down on their total body mass. So often we see that Obesity does start telling on an individual’s self esteem and self-confidence. As and when the realization dawns upon them, they endeavor to improve upon their fitness by working out in the gym for those extra hours. Not only does it enhances their appearance but also goes a long way in shaping their personalities for the better. Weight Loss may also occur unintentionally and gradually over a period of time due an unbalanced diet or deficiency and even in many cases due a disease.


Bob Thaves

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