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The World War I or the Great War began on 28th July, 1914. The untimely assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the heir to the throne of Austria Hungary, triggered this war. The World War I was held between two great world powers i.e. the Allies (Triple Entente) and the Central powers (i.e. Triple Alliance). By the end of World War I the world’s four imperial powers i.e. Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman empires were military as well as politically defeated. The former states lost a great portion of their existing lands and the latter two were completely devastated. The map of Europe was now represented by several smaller states. The World War I came to an end finally in the year 1939. Lester B. Pearson had remarked, “As a civilian during the Second War, I was exposed to danger in circumstances which removed any distinction between the man in and the man out of uniform. As a soldier, I survived World War I when most of my comrades did not.”

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