I'm Only Human: I've been in love, and I've been heartbroken. I have felt so amazingly happy, I felt like dancing, and so extremely sad, I felt as if I couldn't live another day. I'm only human. I have been stressed. I have been depressed. I have been all alone. I have been joyful. I have been blessed, and I have been grateful. I've gone through the trials, the pain, and suffering of life. I have had ups and downs in my relationships. I've been called ugly, and beautiful. I'm only human. There have been those days When Ive felt my heart couldnt take the pain any more, and all I wanted to do was wake up from this horrible dream I felt I was living in. There have also been days, when my heart overflowed with so much love, it truly took away my breath. Im only human. Ive been used, abused, and taken for granted. My life is anything but picture perfect. Im not the smartest. Im not the prettiest. I have been hurt by the ones Ive loved, and rejected by the people I called my friends. I have felt cherished, special, 1 in a million. I am only human. Ive taken what life has thrown my way, and made it through. Only by the grace of God, have I made it without being defeated. Sometimes, behind the smiling face of those dear to you, is a broken, hurting, wounded, abandoned, and lonely person. Take the time to ask, show you care. Maybe one day, when you are feeling as if you cant take another step, someone will look you straight in the eyes, see right through to your soul, and say: No. Your not okay. How can I be there for you? After all¦We are only Human.

A Rachel Original:)

1)It is obvious, for survival and problem solving purposes, we live in two worlds, the mind and the environment. The environment is all that exists outside the mind, including my foot or my body. Here, the body is considered part of the environment because discovery and surprise take place on the body, you discover a mole on your leg, not think it up. 2)All discovery and surprise takes place in the environment (as research scientists, battlefield commanders, examining doctors, and auditors, etc, already know ). The environment however, defies logic, because it evolves and so one must go to it to investigate, research, and experiment....not sit in a chair and just meditate. Groups of people know more about the environment than any one person, and this makes frequent human interactions profitable/educational. 3)God (or evolution if you please) alone creates all the existing entities, players, animals, insects, fish, and planets, etc, that exist ( humans don't create these players/entities ). Humans came on the scene surrounded by these players. Defenseless, we could only observe and remember what animals did or could do and when they did it, etc. We observed relationships and remembered. We saw the distant stars above and connected them with very useful patterns/relationships. 4)Humans have always negotiated their way in the world by capturing perceived relationships among and between the players and entities by using observation and thought. Humans ascended by climbing the ladder of relationships by seeking and exploiting these relationships. Einsteins perceived relationship between energy, mass, and the speed of light lead to exploitable atomic weapons. Our senses pick up things and our mind perceives the accompanying relationships. 5)Relationships are the sum and summary of all intellectual activity. The mind feeds upon and grows with its knowledge of relationships. New relationships are the product of creative thought, usually aided with observation. Problems are solved by and with the sudden apprehension of a new and viable relationship. Producing useful relationships is what the intellect does, what it's role is. If the mind has a product, it has to be relationships. 6)A solution, to be a solution, must share some of the characteristics of the problem. It is the belief in, and the pursuit of a shared characteristic that can identify a sought after relationship leading to a useful solution. A good problem solving method then is to describe a problem in written painful detail and then follow each characteristic always on alert for possible relationships. Isaac Newton may have invented the reflecting telescope in this fashion by meditating on the under performing refractor telescope. 7)Reactions are a special form of relationship and are quite useful to record and collect because of their automatic character. As the Chinese saying goes...

Richard Lee Kempe

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