The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. WredeBook I. Dealing with DragonsBook II. Searching for DragonsBook III. Calling on DragonsBook IV. Talking to DragonsCimorene is not your oanidrry princess. She hates embroidery, etiquette and dancing lessons. She'd rather learn magic and how to run a kingdom. Rather than being forced to marry a vapid prince, Cimorene runs away to work for a dragon.Lots of dragons have princesses sometimes kings and queens arrange for a dragon to kidnap their daughter so that a brave prince will rescue and marry her. Cimorene isn't into that, she works for the dragon Kazul and when princes try to rescue her she sends them away. Quickly Cimorene becomes indispensable to the dragons, thwarting an evil plot by wizards along with a fantastic cast of characters: Morwen, a not-your-oanidrry-witch; a prince turned to stone; Alienora, a less-silly-than-usual-princess, not to mention a host of dragons. In the later books, Cimorene assists the now-King Kazul ( King is the title of the job whether held by a male or female dragon), collaborates with the newly throned King Mendanbar of the Enchanted Forest, a fire-wizard, a giant rabbit named Killer enchanted as a floating, winged, blue donkey, in a never-ending battle with the wizards. In the last book, Cimorene's son Daystar, not realizing his heritage, enters a quest to rescue King Mendanbar from a spell.These books are among my life-long favorites. While listed as Young Adult, younger readers will also find much to enjoy in the witty writing, exciting plots, and strong, unorthodox characters.


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