Always Be A First-Rate Version Of Yourself
What do you want to be remembered as, and are you taking steps that match up your desires of who you want to be, and who you actually are in the moment. Sure, you have probably made a few changes when you saw yourself going in a direction that you totally wanted no parts of, but did you just steer yourself out of a ditch, or are you continuing to drive on the path of where you really want to go in life?

Following the path to your dreams makes a person have to consistently keep his or her eyes on the prize. You can't continue to keep getting caught up in patterns of action that you know wont help define you, because if you do, you will start to believe that you are this second rate version of yourself. You have to know who you are and know that no matter what this should never change. Believe and consistently achieve, and one day you will find yourself where you really deserve to be.

Don't Let Yourself Be Controlled By The Past, People or Money
Don't let yourself be controlled by these three things: your past, people and money.
Sometimes we live our lives I such a hurried pace in order to "Secure" ourselves with money and stability that things we once had to consider aren't even considered choices any longer. The people that we use to love have been pushed aside for those who only truly desire to control us so that we may live lives pleasing to them.
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Don't Quit, Suffer Now And Live The Rest Of Your Life As A Champion
Dont quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. -Muhammad Ali
One thing that we must do in this life to be great, and to be favored by God even, is to persevere. When you persevere, you don't just sit back and let life beat you down. When you persevere you don't ever let anything stop you from achieving the goals you have in your heart to achieve.
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Never Let Someone Stop You From Dreaming
People too weak to follow their own dreams, will always find a way to discourage yours.
We have all ran into them, the people who are more concerned with doing things like their friends do things, the people who can't see outside of the box that they are in, to even think about doing life differently.
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Making Room For Better People In Your Life
Sometimes removing some people out of your life makes room for better people.
Do you know how destructing to your life it is to keep people around that are nothing but negative? Life is a culmination of the things that we interact with everyday. If the people that we interact with on a regular basis only have negative things to say, then so will you.
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You're Worth More Than The Value You've Placed On Yourself
You're worth more than the value you've placed on yourself.
One must never de-emphasize the importance of respecting ones own self, and knowing one's own true value. We are priceless entities of life, and no amount of money, or any resource on this earth is worth a part of our souls. One postulation that we must realize is true is that we have to be willing to show others how much we respect ourselves. If people see us as lacking in respect for ourselves, chances are they will not respect us either.
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You Still Have A Lot Of Time To Make Yourself Be What You Want
You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want. Theres still lots of good in the world.
Knowing that there is a still lot of time as long as you have breath to make the kind of impact on the world that you know deep down in your heart that you should make. Just because you may be looked upon by others as too old too start pursuing your dream we should never let the things that people say about us to judge us, deter us from being in the exact places in life that we want to be.
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Some People Dream Of Success, Others Make It Happen
Some people dream of success, others make it happen.
Are you going to be a person who wants nothing out of life and chooses to sit there and let it pass you by? Are you going to be a person who wants everything out of life, and has the dreams to take his or her self there but never actually reaches out to grab them? Or are you going to be a go-getter, someone who is willing to grab life by the horns on a daily basis and seize each day.
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Don't Allow People To Take Your Kindness For Weakness
Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, and my kindness for weakness.
Many times in this rough world when you are too silent people think that you are somehow ignorant. When you are too calm some people think that you are accepting of their ways. And when you are too kind they suspect that you are being weak. Let people think what they will of you, in actuality, no one's opinion of you can ever stop you from getting the places in life that you aspire to get to, and no one can stop you from being where you want to be.
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You Have Nothing To Prove To Anybody
You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.
You are enough; the only thing you have to prove anyone is yourself. A lot of us get caught up in our feelings of resentment, and not feeling as though we aren't or weren't good enough for somebody else, and use it as fuel to inspire us throughout our lives and journeys to success.
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Believe In Yourself
When you need something to believe in, start with yourself.
It is in our nature to be comfortable with only accomplishing what the rest of society may look at as a great accomplishment, and to be so content with what we have already done that we forget that we must start other journeys and adventures by simply trying our best to be ourselves. Everyone wants something or someone to believe in, but if we ever truly want to achieve the greatest heights we can achieve, we must have a firm belief in ourselves.
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