Benefits of Laughing
Many of us don't realize the positive effects that laughing actually has on our bodies. Laughing is an essential tool of keeping a positive outlook on life and has many great side effects, including decreasing stress, helping you sleep, laughing is used as a natural painkiller, and laughing gas is even used during surgery to help ease a patient's mind.

In order to stay laughing there are a variety of things we may do. If we feel stressed out in our everyday lives, at the end of the day we can try watching a television show, or movie that we know will get us laughing. Many cities have a few comedy clubs where we can go view some good stand up or even improvisational comedians. A lot of us have friends we can turn to that we know are always good for a few laughs, as long as we are laughing with them and not at them. There are many other alternatives as well, for the most part we all know what will make us laugh, in order to stay positive we should immerse ourselves in these type of positive environments as much as possible.

Benefits of Laughter
Cleanse yourself with laughter and with tears. Let tears take out all the agony that is hidden inside you, and let laughter ignite your contagious joy.
Many people don't realize the great curing effects of a good laugh and a good cry. Crying is a great way to relieve emotional pain in your life. A lot of us save crying for extremely emotionally sensitive times, such as when a close loved one dies, or during a bad break up. During times like these every tear that falls down our face is an ounce of pain leaving the body. Crying is one of the greatest coping mechanisms that we have as human beings.
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Powerful Words Of Wisdom About Choices In Life
Choose to love; rather than hate. Choose to laugh; rather than cry. Choose to create; rather than destroy. Choose to persevere; rather than quit. Choose to praise; rather than gossip. Choose to heal; rather than wound. Choose to give; rather than steal. Choose to act; rather than procrastinate. Choose to grow; rather than not. Choose to pray; rather than curse. Choose to live; rather than die.
Whether we realize it or not even the smallest choices we make throughout a day in time will effect our overall lifestyle and happiness. In times of difficulty we have a choice, we can let our difficult time bring our spirits down, and let it overcome us. Or we can make the best out of the situation, continue to think positive, and try our best to overcome it. Choosing to think and act positively in situations where it may be easier to just do what our flesh tells us to, is how we choose to live our lives instead of dying.
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