Don't Ever Give Up
Don't you dare give up, our lives our way to short to give up going or maintaining anything in them in which we know that our hearts are truly in! When we give up we are telling ourselves that we aren't good enough receive our victories and our blessings. We are telling ourselves that all of the hard work and all of the pain that we endured so far doesn't mean a thing, and was all done in vain.

Yes, life is tough, and life will continue to be that way. You must keep in your thoughts that you are tougher than the circumstances that life throws at you, and that even though things may be looking down, if you continue to fight through and push not only will things look up for you, life will look spectacular to you. Believe in yourself and in God knowing that he will never put more on you than you can bear.

Who Are You To Judge
They tell you to be yourself then they judge you.
One thing that we must realize is in our lives is that people all around us will judge us, and expect for us to want to live our lives up to their standards. Another thing that we must realize is that the only standards we must live up to are God's standards, nobody elses judgment's of us truly even matter.
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Choose Your Friends Wisely
Life's too awesome to waste your time thinking about someone who doesn't treat you right.
When we waste our time thinking about someone who isn't right for us, someone that doesn't treat us the way that we know we should be treated, we are not only wasting our time, but we may also be missing out on someone who will treat us the way that we desire to be treated, and who may actually be an all around better fit for us. There are so many great aspects of life, and we can definitely miss out on them when we deal with people that infuse negative vibes into our lives on a continuous basis.
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Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
Nothing worth having comes easy.
The things that actually put our all into getting are the things that will matter to us most at the end of our lifetime. Many wonder why those who are given fame without having to work for it usually end up having tragic downfalls. Ultimately it is because they are given the benefits and rewards of someone who worked extremely hard without doing the hard work, and instead of being wise and careful, end up being careless because they didn't have to work too hard to be where they are.
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Making Things Happen
Don't waste time looking back and regretting what happened. Look forward and start making things happen. That's the first step to creating a better reality.
When we waste our time looking back just to regret and wish that we can relive an experience, a situation, or a moment, we hurt ourselves in a couple of ways. First, time is the most valuable resource we have, and as each second passes we must remember that that is a second we will never get back, once time is gone, it is gone. Second of all, if we are living life regretting what happened in the past we are choosing not to capitalize on the time that is passing in the present.
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When To Move On
How many times do you need to get hurt for you to know its time to let go.
When we let someone in our lives over and over again, and continue to let them hurt us, and abuse us, we are saying to them that they matter more to us than our self-respect and our dignity, and that if they continue with these types of behaviors that we will continue to let them in our lives. In order to take a stand for ourselves we must be willing to part ways with people with whom we know that we have given a significant amount of chances to.
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Being Happy With Yourself
Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.
When someone is truly happy they have at some point come to the realization that life isn't perfect but in order to make it the best life possible one must be willing to make the best out of each situation and look beyond all of the imperfections included in it. When someone is happy not everything in their life is perfect, but they have found the things in their life that make their life seem perfect.
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Forgiving Yourself
You have the right to forgive yourself anytime you want.
In every single person's life lies a mistake made by a person that they wish they could take back, whether they are ready to admit it or not. The only way to move past the regret of a mistake in our lives that still causes us pain is to forgive yourself for it. Not only is it our right to, but forgiving our selves allows us to move past obstacles in our lives that we would not have otherwise moved past without doing so.
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You Deserve All Good Things
You deserve all good things.
An important step in becoming a mature person is the step that forces us to realize that our self-worth is priceless, and that we deserve all the good things that come to us, as long as we are living life, walking in love, honesty, and integrity. Though thinking about our pasts may be able to sometimes convince a person that they aren't worth anything now, and will never be worth anything, we must work on developing a more positive thought process that rebukes any negative thoughts of low self esteem and self-confidence.
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Have Faith
Have some faith in yourself.
People without faith in themselves are like a candle without a flame, though it may have a physical presence, it is not really living up to its full potential because it is not providing any light to the world. Having faith in one's own self is a quality that breeds more qualities.
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Never Change Who You Are
Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, because they should be impressed that you don't change to please others.
In order for a person to truly care about who you are as a person they must be willing to accept who you are at your heart's deepest levels. It is easy to love someone that tries to please everyone else, whereas it is much more difficult to love someone who is only his or her self at all times. This in no way should stop anyone from being or acting as themselves because one should only want love or someone to care about them if it is a genuine love.
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