Don't Quit, Suffer Now And Live The Rest Of Your Life As A Champion
Many of the greatest people to ever grace this Earth all had something in common. This characteristic of champions allows for no quitting, no stoppage of trying to live their lives no matter how much defeat that they had to encounter during their lives.

Never quitting isn't just about attempting to win the battle that a person is currently in. Never quitting is about developing a series of habits, an attitude that will empower you to do great things throughout your lifetime. If you never quit, you will never have any regret. You will never sit back and wonder what would have happened if you would of just gave your all. Quit trying to quit, and quit living life in an effort to avoid pain. Live your life, and deal with the blows life throws you, one play at a time, one day at a time. Never forget what you are capable of if you develop the heart of a champion.

When Something Bad Happens You Have Three Choices
When something bad happens you have three choices, you can either let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you.
There are always going to be bad things that happen in your life, what is the measure of a man, is how he or she responds to the things that happen in their lives. When you think about the greatest beings that walk earth, you realize that those who are great don't get caught up in falling or losing a battle. Those who are great rise to the occasion, and shrug off defeat.
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Never Settle For The Path Of Least Resistance
Never settle for the path of least resistance. Living might mean taking chances but theyre worth taking. Loving might be a mistake, but its worth making. Don't let some hell bent heart leave you bitter. When you come close to selling out, reconsider And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.
The path of least resistance is the past of least growth. The bigger the trials are that you are able to overcome in your life; the more that your life will be worth it by the time it is over. Instead of living a life dedicated to avoid making mistakes, and living in fear, we have to be willing to take chances, make mistakes, love, get hurt, and love again.
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Let Go Of The Wheel And Let God Steer
Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places, if we just allow ourselves to let go of the wheel at some point and let God steer us.
We are a result of our choices, and the places we are in life aren't always explainable by human logic. Did you know that God has a plan for your life? Did you know that even though sometimes we may be making the worst of choices, that we may still end up in the right place, if we just allow ourselves to let go of the wheel at some point and let God steer us.
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If You're Brave Enough To Say Goodbye Life Will Reward You With A New Hello
If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. Paulo Coehlo
One of the biggest nuggets of wisdom that we have to learn to live a productive life is that saying goodbye is sometimes what we need so that we can say hello to opportunities in life that we otherwise would have missed. Sometimes we have to let go of people that are in our lives, and don't really make us happy.
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You Cannot Say No To Life, You Have To Fight Back
You cannot say no to life, you have to fight back and beat the odds, you gotta take your stand because nothing is stronger than you, not a single problem of yours. -Shubhanshu Tiwari
We all have it what it takes, but it will take every ounce of belief and faith that you have to make it through. Don't ever half step through life and think that doing so will get you to where you want to be. Half stepping doesn't take everything you have, sprinting takes everything you have. Working out your muscles, from your outer-self, to your inner self requires you to use everything you have.
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Sometimes You Have To Forget What You Want To Remember What You Deserve
Sometimes you have to forget what you want to remember what you deserve.
There will be many times in our lives that we want things that will most likely only delay us from getting to the places we want to get to. For some, forgetting what we want to remember what we deserve may mean that making a commitment to pay a monthly car payment for five years, instead of driving a less desirable and less expensive car so that we can put this money towards better use for our future, an option that we must refuse until some more of our goals are reached.
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Being Hurt Is Something You Can't Stop From Happening
Being hurt is something you can't stop from happening, but being miserable is always your choice.
If you ever want to stop being miserable, you have to change your thinking. Everyone has the capability to change the way they are thinking, but not everyone is able to decide to stop thinking this way. Many of us don't realize that change requires some form of motivation or some sort of leverage.
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Sometimes The Hardest Thing And The Right Thing Are The Same
Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.
Sometimes doing what is hardest for you to do, and doing what is best, is the same exact thing. If we ever desire to live a righteous life, we have to be willing to sometimes not speak our mind when we know we can prove a point. It may mean saying goodbye to a person in your life that you never thought you would have to be without. Doing the right thing may mean that you have to go against the majority or popular opinion to stand up for what you feel in your heart you should stand up for.
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Small Minds Can't Comprehend Big Spirits
Small minds can't comprehend big spirits. To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated and misunderstood. Stay strong.
When Jesus gave one of his first sermons, there were many who mocked, there were many who laughed at him, there were some who didn't like what he had to say, and there were some who just simply didn't understand what he had to say. At the end of his sermon, there were also a few people who believed in what he said so much that they left everything behind and followed him as his disciple.
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Be Yourself, Forgive Yourself, Love Yourself and Empower Yourself
Be yourself, accept yourself, value yourself, forgive yourself, bless yourself, express yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, empower yourself.
The simple fact that you can carry a sword doesn't make you a warmonger. Just because there are many ways to look at ourselves are someone that we really aren't, doesnt ever mean that we should take advantage of them. If we are ever going to achieve real success, we have to be willing to live our lives as our actual selves.
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