Education Is Power
There is something new to be learned in every single situation in life, up to and even after our deaths.

With an education that never stops growing, a person will have one of the most dynamic weapons the world has ever seen. When you are willing to give your time, time that could have been used doing the things that other people normally do to entertain their selves, and use this time to educate yourself, the rewards will surely be great in your life.

An educated mind demands respect in many cultures, and many ways of life all around the world, and an educated mind remains as one of the most receptive minds as well. A good education isn't exemplified by showing how much a person knows, but is instead shown by a person's willingness to continue to desire to learn every day, no matter how much a person has achieved already in life.

Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow
Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
If we are ever going to devote our life to the cause that we know is truly in our hearts, we have to make learning about ourselves, and the rest of the world one of our main priorities. If you never put yourself first, chances are after a while you won't even know who you are. We have all come to a point(s) in our lives in which we wondered who exactly we were anymore.
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Jan 26
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