Follow Your Dreams And Never Look Back
The only things that should take us back to the past are the memories we made with the people that were in our lives in our pasts. What should bring us forward are our own dreams for our future. In order to set legitimate, and real goals for our future we must in a sense, forget about the past. We can't let mistakes or regrets from our pasts drive us forward in our lives.

Many of us have heard the saying; we can't drive forward looking in the rear-view mirror. Meaning it is impossible to focus on progress if we are always looking back at things we wished we have done, or things that we may wish we would have done in different ways. If we try to move forward based off of our regrets, our vision will be clouded, and our forward progress will be greatly limited. Remember to set your dreams upon what you really want for yourself in life, and not what could have been.

Reaching For A Dream
Dream and reach for it.
One of the most beautiful structures in the World, was the realized dream of an engineer in his mid 50's by the name of Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel. As the winner of a contest for a structure in France to commemorate 100 years of freedom, Eiffel's dream met many obstacles including opposition from those who didn't want a structure of the Eiffel Tower to dominate the skyline and from those who doubted that this structure could even practically be built.
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Getting Your Hands Dirty
The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.
When is the last time you got your hands dirty? This picture quote makes us reexamine how hard we are actually working in our lives. A lot of times we get comfortable working at the pace we are working and we fail to realize that with some extra pushing we would have advanced way farther than just working at the same monotonous pace. Other times we get lazy, relying on what's being sold to us as a quicker route to the road of success, or an easy way out. Deep down we all know that no such route is truly available (at the least for most of us).
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Love Is Power, Hope Is Love
Soul is Freedom. Love is Power. Hope is Love. Dreams are Revolutions...
This is a very deep quote, and it is also very true to humanity. Our souls, who we are deep down at our core, give us the freedom to be one sole person, so unique that in a world full of billions of people, there is no one quite like ourselves. The love we have for ourselves and others, gives us fuel and motivation to succeed in life, to advance to places where we may have never even dreamed, and to accomplish goals we set that we never actually knew if we could accomplish or not.
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