Letting Go Of A Relationship
Should have had it all? Sometimes we look back at relationships that scarred us in regret and think that because they didn't end the way we may have wanted them to end that there may have been something left to discover in them. Instead of moving on we find ourselves thinking about what could have been instead of what already is. Sometimes it is important for us to just let things go.

Sure we might still have feelings there and it is okay to wish that things didn't happen the way they did, as long as we understand that we must move forward with our lives. Choose to learn from your past, by taking the experience that you gained, the good and the bad, and using it to make better decisions in your present to more positively affect the way your future will become!

Letting Go Of Someone You Love
Part of me will always love you. But it's okay, because I let you go a long time ago. I hope you'll have a great life. I know I will.
Not everyone has experienced losing the one that they thought they would be with forever but a lot of us have. It is very true that when you once love someone so much it is pretty much impossible to just let that person go completely from your heart. In order to do so, it is best that you completely cut this person off. Once you have talked to this person and come to a mutual agreement that you shouldn't see each other anymore, make it a point never to "see" this person again.
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Getting Over A Break Up
Just when I thought I was over you and just when I thought I could stand on my own. Oh, baby those memories come crashing through, and I just cant go on without you.
Sometimes in our lives we are confronted with a huge problem, after giving a considerable length of time after breaking up, just when we think we are over someone we find ourselves feeling as though we can't make it without our ex lover. We are faced with the huge decision of trying to renew a relationship with someone who may not necessarily be willing to do the same, or not trying at all and basically just cutting our losses. When you make this decision try to remember the reasons that you decided to break up with this person.
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