Life's Too Short To Wake Up With Regrets
None of us want to be the type of person that lives everyday thinking of what could have been, and thinking of the things that we wish that we would have done. Life is too short to always be thinking should've, would've could've. Today is the day where you start your future, and the day that you live life with no regrets. It is perfectly okay to think things over, but sometimes you just have to take life as it comes by.

Seize every day, and every opportunity that life offers to you, that you know maybe in your heart, or sometimes in your gut, is a good opportunity for you to take. Sometimes we are able to fix the mistakes that we made in the past and sometimes we are only able to be bound not to repeat those mistakes again. Whatever happens, just make sure that you don't end up living your life with any regrets!

People Will Let You Down, But God Never Will
People will let you down.
An important lesson that we have all probably experienced in life is that people will let you down. Whether it be in our personal lives, or lives outside of our families and homes, we have to make sure that we hope for the best from everyone but plan for the worse to happen. It might sound like a cynical way to live, but in this world, and especially in this day and age, we have to insure our own interests, which means not depending on anyone else to get the job done but yourself and God. When we learn not to depend on others we learn that we have the freedom to do what we feel we need to get done, and being the only person responsible for whether you fail or succeed can be a great thing! Of course there will be situations in life where we will need others, but always keep in the back of your mind that no one is perfect, and anybody that is human is capable of making mistakes and letting you down.
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Hard Times In Life
Don't worry about hard times, because most of the beautiful things we have in life come from changes and mistakes.
Change and mistakes are two aspects of life that help us to become better people. Change is the transition from something old into something new, and is necessary for growth in a person's life. Think about if we never aged or matured. Could you imagine being the same size that you were as a five year old and only having the same amount of knowledge that you did at that age? We have to maintain new changes in our lives on a regular basis in order to grow and reach our potential.
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Life Is A One Way Street
Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
As we go through life we must remember that we have to go through life not being able to go backwards. Every thing we do and every minute we spend are things done and time spent that we will never be able to get back, so we must choose wisely on how, who and what we devote our time to. A lot of people make mistakes in life and then later on regret them, we have to realize that what is done is done, and we can't get it back. We have to live life with no regrets, no animosity towards people or things of the past, so that we won't lose our progress.
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Life Is Beautiful
Life may be sad but it's always beautiful.
We have to learn to look at life outside of our situations sometimes. It is easy to fall into wallow and to complain when things aren't going our way. Instead of letting whatever is going on in your life get the best of you take time out from your life. Go enjoy a nice nature walk, or vacation in a beautiful city just to be able to enjoy the beauty of life.
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Live, Laugh, Love
Live, Laugh, Love
Live. Let yourself live, don't always hold back and shelter yourself from taking risks. Be adventurous, be spontaneous, explore new worlds and new places that you would not otherwise see without taking the initiative to. Take advantage of the fact that you were able to wake up this morning, because not everyone else can say the same.
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Whatever Happens, Happens
Whatever happens, happens.
To a degree, in our lives as each moment passes and different circumstances come to past, we have to realize that after they happen, there is no way to change them. We must take life for what it is, a series of unpredictable events ultimately out of our control. Sure there are ways to prepare for life, and understandably doing things such as setting goals and making a game plan for your life will take you to new heights, even to places you would of never imagined being. But life is too, very unpredictable.
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Stop Thinking Just Live
Stop thinking just live.
Open the gates and seize the day, for today is the day you start worrying about what everyone else's thoughts, and live for your own. When we choose to live in the moment, in every moment in our lives we choose to do just that. We wouldn't be human if we weren't able to think about our actions before committing to them, but sometimes we tend to over analyze situations. From this day forward make a promise to think less sometimes, and live more all the time.
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The Good Things In Life Are Not Things
The good things in life, are not things.
Of course we all live in a society in which subjects that are material are the only ones that are glorified. Things such as purses, clothes, cars, the amount of money we have, and other things tell some people who they are in society. Truly if those are the only "good" things in a person's life then more than likely that person is not truly happy.
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Turning Your Life Around
Every second is a chance to turn your life around.
Too many times people get stuck on their pasts, and let their pasts weigh them down more and more and eventually get to the point to where they are no longer productive members of society. Some of us think that just because we feel stuck in a certain way of life or lifestyle that we are forever condemned to it. With a lot of hard work, a serious change in our mindset, and usually with a complete change in the environment we are around everyday, we can change our lives at any given time.
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Nothing Last Forever
Even the prettiest flower will die one day. It's nature's way of teaching us.... that nothing lasts forever.
Although this statement is subjective to whoever is reading it, an important thing that we must all remember is that this life will not last forever and at any given moment this life can be taken away from us. With that being said we must live our lives everyday as if it may be our last. We must take risks, love, make as many great memories as possible, laugh, be joyous, and be accomplished. Last but not least we must leave a mark on this world.
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