Make The Best Of What You Have
What need is there to waste your time making money? Material wealth is fine and all, but we have to realize that making money should only be a tool to do what we really want to do in life. If we are willing to make the best of what we have, then in a sense we will have everything we have ever needed.

Chase after things that are substantial, and that actually mean something to you at heart. It is easy to chase after money, but what will happen if you get it and you have nothing else to live for.

You can buy things like diamond rings, homes, and jewelry, but you cant buy real love, real friendships, real happiness, or real fulfillment. So make sure that having it all to you means something more than wealth or status, make sure your dreams really mean something to you.

Forget What Hurt You In The Past
Forget what hurt you in the past. But never forget what it taught you.
Forgetting the things that hurt you in the past is something that is much easier said than done. But if we are to go the places in life that we desire to go, and if we are to ever achieve the dreams that we have in our hearts, we have to be willing to learn from our pasts more than we are willing to try and relive it.
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There Is A Purpose For The Good and The Bad
Things will happen in your life that you can't stop, but that's no reason to shut out the world. There is a purpose for the good and the bad, now and then.
It is natural for every single one of us to have our hearts grow hardened each day, as we continue to experience pain, and heartache when we allow others to take a piece of our hearts. It is important for every single one of us to know that things will happen in our lives that we cannot stop, but that's not reason to shut out the world, instead we must believe in the notion that there is a purpose for the good and the bad, the now and then.
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Every Day Is An Opportunity To Make Tomorrow Better
Use everyday as an opportunity to make tomorrow even better.
Everyday you are given new breath is a good day to make your next days even better. When we are involved in a life that we try to make our dreams a reality, and a life that we choose to have an attitude of peace, love, and happiness on a constant basis, we make it easy for tomorrow to be better than the day before.
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Prayer Is The Best Armor Against All Trails
Prayer is the best armor against all trials.
Prayer is the best armor against the things that we all go through on a daily basis in our lives because it isn't just asking for what we desire, but when we pray we obtain closeness with God that we wouldn't be otherwise able to obtain. When we pray and when we really believe in the things that we pray, we establish a rapport with God that symbolizes us giving away our weaknesses, and taking in his strength to cover where we may lack.
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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
How to be happy: Stop comparing yourself to others
One key to obtaining and maintaining happiness in our lives is to stay away from comparing ourselves to others. We have our own unique soul, and if we ever want to achieve greatness and our own success, we have to be willing to go for the things we really want out of life, and not do things just because we are in a race with someone else.
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Keep Moving Forward
Keep moving forward.
Life is all about that continual movement forward no matter what seems to come your way. Obstacles and adversity will always arise in a person's life if a person is actually putting forth some type of effort, and great adversity will always arise when a person is making the effort to move mountains.
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Don't Worry About Tomorrow
Don't worry about tomorrow, don't think about yesterday and don't live in the future. Just make it through this day.
Making through each day, and owning each day in the best way we possibly can should be the ultimate goal that we set for ourselves on a daily basis. Life is full of uncertainty and a lot of times it simply won't go in the manner we plan it to. We have to be willing to forget about the days past, and not put so much concern into what we might be in the future.
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Positive Thinking Can Achieve The Impossible
Positive thinking sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and can achieve the impossible.
Positive thinking is the base for a foundation of happiness within a person's life. When we are able to think positively we are able to do and see things that those who think more pessimistically aren't able to see or do. When we see the positive in life, we are then able to see what is invisible to most, feel the intangibles that life has to offer, and acquire notches under our belts that no one else ever thought was imaginable.
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It's Not Who You Are That Holds You Back
It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.
Having enough courage to really believe in yourself is sometimes a process that takes longer to develop in some people compared to others. Though some are exposed to being confident and living a faithful life when they are young, not everyone is quite blessed with this early guidance and end up starting and living much of their adult life having to find out who they really are, and what having self confidence is really about.
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The Principal Part Of Faith Is Patience
The principle part of faith is patience.
When we walk by faith there will be times when we hear and see nothing, and are tempted to aggravate a situation in the best attempt to make things happen in life, we are tempted to sway from being faithful and patient, and attempt to create options for ourselves without following what is in our hearts to do. A faithful mind requires a patient will. Things will not always move fast enough for you in your life, but things may actually be moving as fast as God wants them to.
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