Move On And Get Over It
Moving on is very hard for every one of us that has experienced a troubling break up in our lives, but it is actually our best revenge. Instead of antagonizing, begging, or giving a person the satisfaction of knowing that moving on is causing us to be miserable, most times it is in our own best interests to try our best to move on.

Instead of focusing on making a person who is no longer with you know the way that you are feeling after you have already let your feelings be known, focus on who you are, and where you want to go. Life is too short to waste on someone who obviously didnt work out in your life for a reason or reasons. Focus on becoming a better more whole person. Focus on living your life out of love, and being able to bless others instead of wasting energy on someone who more than likely doesnt deserve it. The world is a great place in need of people who are willing to serve, be bigger than your situations in life, and try your hardest to spread love and inspiration to everyone that you can.

Sometimes You Mean Nothing To Someone Who Means Everything To You
Sometimes you have to try not to care, no matter how much you do. Because, sometimes, you mean nothing to someone who means everything to you.
It is hard to accept when we come to the realization that a person in our lives that we care about significantly just doesn't care about us as much, or in the same way in which we care for them. When we find ourselves in situations as such we must be willing to let our feelings go sometimes, especially when we have done everything that we feel we possibly could have, but in turn still get rejected.
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Close Your Eyes, Clear Your Heart, Let It Go
Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go.
In order to let things go in our life, it is important that we make unimportant whatever it is that we desire or know that we need to let go from our lives. Remember in different parts of your life that there will be people that you thought you wanted to be there forever that will just leave, there will be things in your life that you don't want to happen, that will happen, and there will be things in your heart that you always want to stay that must be let go.
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Leave The Past Where It Belongs
Leave the past where it belongs.
When we deal with ourselves and when we deal with life on an ongoing basis sometimes we struggle with receiving what is meant for us for our future because of the pain that we have experienced in the past. Some of us choose to let our pasts dictate what we do in the present because we are too afraid to fail in anything again. Doing so affects us greatly as it may make us miss great opportunities to develop relationships with new people, and it may also keep us from going through doors we probably would have seen if we weren't too busy looking backwards.
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Knowing When To Move On
Move on. It's a chapter in the past. But don't close the book, just turn the page.
In our lives sometimes we must recognize that like books we all have chapters that we have already read in the past, and we have to be willing to turn the pages so that we may get more understanding of what our lives are really about.
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Stop Holding On To What Hurts
Stop holding on to what hurts and make room for what feels good.
In our lives we are faced with many circumstances including instances of heartbreak that we may at one point have had control over, but eventually will not. When we are done grieving we have to come to terms with what hurt us so much, forgive if it is needed, and be able to let go.
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Don't Let Yesterday Use Up Too Much Of Today
Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.
Letting yesterday use up too much of today is one of man's biggest hurdles to overcome. When we live a life full of looking back in the past, we may easily overlook things we should have seen if we were focused more intently on looking forward in life.
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Don't Cry Because Of One Person
Don't cry because of one person. Remember, there are still 6,790,062,216 people to smile to.
Never let one person bring your whole world down. Yes it is true that at times people who we thought might never let us down, end up doing so, and sometimes those who we thought will love us and be there for us forever suddenly leave our lives. While it is natural to grieve, never waste too much time dwelling on a past or person that you can't change.
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Let Go When You're Hurting Too Much
So here's a piece of advice: let go when youre hurting too much. Give up when love isn't enough. And move on when things arent like before. And it's certain there's someone out there who will love you even more.
When we deal with the relationships we are willing participants of in our lives, we sometimes continue to hold on to relationships that hurt us way too much, way too often. There is a time for everything, and when love isnt enough to hold a relationship together anymore chances are it might be time to move on.
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Starting Over And Moving On
Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better.
Sometimes our lives are not about giving up, but are more about being able to be strong enough and courageous enough to move on from a situation. There are many instances in which we should all be willing to move on from a situation that is broken, and there will always be similar instances as these that we will continue to encounter throughout our lifetimes. We must learn and cope with the fact that sometimes some things in our lives just can't be fixed.
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Look Back, Remember, Smile, Then Move On
Look back, remember, smile, then move on.
Never forget where you came from. If we forget where we came from and what made us who we are now, then we will have no foundation to stand up on, and we will eventually crumble. Whether you love your past or completely loathe it, you must know that you will never be able to completely put your past behind you, sooner or later it will creep back into your thoughts, like it or not. So, make the best of it.
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