Never Regret Something That Once Made You Smile
Living life without regret is a way that we desperately should choose to live. Sometimes we choose to regret things that once made us smile, but now make us frown. It can be very hard not to regret the past, especially when we look back and realize how we think that things could have easily been different if we just did certain things.

Do not dwell on your past, it is okay to look back every once in a while, but trying to live in your past is like trying to drive forward in a car while looking out of the rear view mirror. Instead of trying to live in your past, learn from it. Turn the regret that your feeling into positive momentum for your life, don't regret the person that once made you smile. Embrace the fact that if someone made you smile once then eventually someone will come into your life that will make you smile again.

Life's Too Short To Wake Up With Regrets
Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.
None of us want to be the type of person that lives everyday thinking of what could have been, and thinking of the things that we wish that we would have done. Life is too short to always be thinking should've, would've could've. Today is the day where you start your future, and the day that you live life with no regrets. It is perfectly okay to think things over, but sometimes you just have to take life as it comes by.
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No Regrets Just Love
No regrets just love.
As we go through relationships sometimes they fail, and sometimes they last forever. In order to love fully, and in order to love effectively we must love without worrying about regretting how it may make us feel later on in life. Some of us choose to put up walls and try to pursue relationships with another person halfheartedly. Trying to keep a relationship afloat with only half of a heart in it, is comparable to trying to live with only half of a heart, pretty much impossible to do. On top of that, would you want someone to only love you with half of themselves when you know that you are giving them your all? You surely wouldn't. Sometimes we just have to kick back, and let all of our walls protecting our hearts down, and choose to love someone when we know deep inside that it is right for us.
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