One Day Can Change Everything
Many choose to believe that just because they have experienced so much in their lifetime, and because their life is and has always been a certain life, that one day can't change everything. Though it is much easier to hold on to the past and who you used to be, we must all realize that with one moment we can create a new beginning for ourselves if it is truly inside of us to do so.

In life we are permitted to do whatever our own minds allow us to do, and we have to understand that everyday and in every waking second, we have a chance to start a new beginning, a chance to start with a clean slate and work towards the things that our most in our hearts.

Don't waste time worrying about yesterday, your past is your past and will always be so. Worry about the present, who you are now, and who you will eventually become, and live it!

Even The Simplest Of Words Can Change a Person's Life
Even the simplest of words can change a person's life.
Words are some of the most powerful entities that a person possesses. Though many try to act as though words never really affect them, there is great power in the tongue. Words can be used to inspire, to build up nations, to write books that change the world, to create wars, to end wars, to create marvels of the human mind, to explain the feelings a person possesses, and for many other reasons as well.
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Accepting The Fact That Things Change
I admit, I really miss how things used to be. But I can also admit, that I've accepted the fact that things changed.
One lesson we must all learn in our lives is that things can always change. Sure, we will always remember how things used to be, and we will sometimes lose sight of our future because we want to turn around and re-live moments from our past, but there must come a time in which we accept that things have changed. One thing that we must all note in life is that we cannot undo the parts of our lives that have changed, and that may cause us to regret now.
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Accept What You Can't Change
Accept what you can't change, and change what you can't accept.
An important aspect of life that we all must learn to cope with is change. We must be willing to accept that in life there are some things that we just can't change, and there are some aspects in life that we simply must change if we can't accept them. There are going to be areas in our life, especially our relationships with other people that will never be able to change, because they require other people to change.
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Your Beliefs Don't Make You A Better Person, Your Behavior Does
Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does.
Just because a belief is a belief that is sufficient enough for you to feel strong about, doesn't mean that everyone around you will receive it. Think about all of the times that you have experienced in life in which some people just refused to hear or try to understand what a person was saying that made absolute logical sense because they were more than likely thinking irrationally.
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Things Change, People Change
People change.
Things change, people change, circumstances change, time passes, we all get old and we all are faced with embracing the changes and difficulties that life chooses to throw at us, or we can allow change to break us. As we mature in our lives we will notice in some instances that some who we may consider ourselves close to may not be maturing in the manner that we are, or are growing in a totally different direction than we are.
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Things Change And Friends Leave
Things change. And friends leave. And life doesn't stop for anybody.
The crazy thing about life is that though we make plans of the future, even plans that may sometimes include people in our lives in which we may really care about at the moment; there are many things in our lives that we simply cannot plan for. One important fact of life is that no matter what we do, sometimes things just change. Sometimes the people that we once cared so much for will become the people that we can no longer be around, and sometimes the friends that we think will be in our lives forever somehow leave out of our lives before we can ever get a good chance to say goodbye.
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Embracing Change In Your Life
There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go.
Sometimes there are instances in our lives where it is best to just move out of our comfort zones, those being relationships we may be in, jobs that we may see as stable, and other similar circumstances in order to move closer to where we want to be in life. Departure from what we are immersed in is a difficult but necessary part of our lives. In order to grow stronger we must not only accept change, but we must embrace it as well.
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Feelings Fade And People Change
I wanted everything to stay the same, but feelings fade and people change.
Little do we realize when we are in the moments that we cherish deeply that the people we are sharing these great moments with might not be around us for the rest of our lives. It is in our nature to be resistant to change and to want things to stay the same. It is too bad that change is inevitable, and sometimes the feelings that we might have felt for someone or the feelings they might have felt for us may go away.
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There Is No Life Without Change
There is no life without change.
Living a life without change is not living life at all. Yes, going through life with barely any changes involved is possible, but it probably isn't healthy mentally, and almost impossible since change can happen even when we don't predict it. Many of us tend to avoid change because we feel that we lose a sense of control and stability that we had in our lives before. Sometimes the rate that changes may happen in your life may seem overwhelming, but trust in yourself and know that there is nothing that life throws at you that you can't handle, with a little help from your family, loved ones, friends, and God of course, anything is possible.
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Pain Makes People Change
Pain makes people change.
The things that we go through in our lives teach us lessons for the betterment of the rest of our lives if we choose to learn from them. Pain makes us change, sometimes for good and sometimes the worse. In order to get over our addictions and faults in life we must endure pain most times to do so, but in the end if we fight through the pain that we experience and don't cave we will achieve the change in ourselves that we desire.
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