Pain Makes People Change
The things that we go through in our lives teach us lessons for the betterment of the rest of our lives if we choose to learn from them. Pain makes us change, sometimes for good and sometimes the worse. In order to get over our addictions and faults in life we must endure pain most times to do so, but in the end if we fight through the pain that we experience and don't cave we will achieve the change in ourselves that we desire.

Do not be scared of pain, but instead endure it. Do not let pain deter you from the course in life that you want to take. Remember that pain is necessary in life and in order to change who you are you must experience some pain. Continue to push on, through the pain, and through the discomfort, never let pain make you stop, instead use it as motivation to keep pushing forward.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your World
Change your thinking, change your world.
Little do we realize the power of the things that we think. Thoughts are the start of our actions. The way that we choose to think on a regular basis will eventually determine the things that we speak into fruition, which will eventually also effect our actions as well. The way that we think is a choice, even though it may not seem so. We can control the things that we put into our heads by studying and being around the things that we want to produce out of our minds.
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Fear Of Change
Matathesiophobia, the fear of change.
What would our lives be without change? Without change we would never be here, because we require change to grow, not only into our physical specimen, but into our brain as well. We have been changing since the day we were born, and even before we were born, learning new things that we need to survive, and things we need in order to be able to live a meaningful life.
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Hard Times In Life
Don't worry about hard times, because most of the beautiful things we have in life come from changes and mistakes.
Change and mistakes are two aspects of life that help us to become better people. Change is the transition from something old into something new, and is necessary for growth in a person's life. Think about if we never aged or matured. Could you imagine being the same size that you were as a five year old and only having the same amount of knowledge that you did at that age? We have to maintain new changes in our lives on a regular basis in order to grow and reach our potential.
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People Have The Ability To Change
Just like the seasons, people have the ability to change.
As hard as it may seem to understand right now, people do have the ability to change. Maybe someone has wronged you greatly in the past. For instance, a lot of people have dealt with (or the lack there of) a parent who was never really in our lives when we were younger as we wished that they would be. Of course it is easier for people to change bad habits than it is to change bad personalities overall, but change is always possible if the motivation to change is there.
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Finding Yourself
Dear you, I miss you. I miss how you cared for me, how you always make my day, how you used to cheer me up, and how you make me feel that you love me. I miss everything that used to be. What happened? Love, Me.
Have you ever had to take a step back and ask yourself who the person is that you have become? Some of us have and some of us are even on the road to becoming someone that we know we truly aren't at our hearts level. Right now examine the things that you do most weekly. Do you spend a majority of your time with people that are taking you towards whatever dreams or goals that you may have for yourself, or do you spend time with people who are dragging you down to where they want you to be instead of encouraging you to be where you want to be?
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Pictures Never Change, The People In Them Do
Keep the picture. They never change. The people in them do.
As we grow older, some of us may notice that people that we thought would be in our lives forever aren't there anymore, and as different newcomers enter into our lives the people that we once knew don't seem to be around. When we progress in life some people will progress with us and help us grow by helping to encourage and inspire us, while others head in other directions with no correlation of the direction that we are heading into. Some people are meant to be in our lives forever, and some are meant to be in our lives for a few years, while others may be only be there for a few months. Don't stress over the people that have come and gone from your life, just remember the good times that you shared with them, and use what you learned from dealing with them to help you progress towards your dreams and aspirations.
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Taylor Swift Fearless Quote
If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change.
It is true that a lot of us believe that we are somehow confined to the walls that society puts around us, in fear of being thought of as weird or different and outcast from society. Yes it is true that always being yourself may take you out of positions that you may of thought could help you immensely, maybe for example a job you wanted but weren't able to attain because of your personal traits.
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Every Day Is a New Opportunity To Change
Welcome to today! Another day, another chance, feel free to change!
Change is essentially taking something that would otherwise remain the same and turning it into an dissimilar form. As humans we are naturally resistant to change, because with change arises new challenges. Many of us don't realize that they can make the choice to change small things in their lives daily that may amount to bigger changes for the better in their future. For example, if a person wanted to be a lawyer and did nothing with their time but worked a job at an amusement park, changing their lifestyle and looking for a low level job at a law firm, would more than likely yield a bigger return for their investment of hard work and time.
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