Quote about Smiling
Many of us have heard the saying a smile goes a long way, and in all actuality, it does. How many times have you been walking somewhere and maybe weren't in the best mood, and someone does something nice for you, such as maybe, hold a door open for you with a smile, and in response you smile back and thank them. It's as if a smile is a beaming laser of joy causing everyone in it's vicinity to put one on their face. Smiles are contagious as many of us may know, as are frowns and tears.

When you keep a smile on your face, it is probable that you keep a good set of people around you as well. As when you are always sad and depressed the people you probably keep around you are likely negative, if in fact anyone wants to be around you. Life will always have its ups and downs, and of course there will be days where we wont smile much, but it is important to keep those days limited. Remember in order to live a positive fulfilled life, you must keep a positive attitude and positive smiling people around you!

Apr 16
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