The Beauty Of A Woman
In our world today we are lead to believe from society's influence that a woman's beauty is usually characterized by how she may appear on the exterior. Women are taught from a young age by the media and culture period that make-up and hair must be done nicely, clothes must be sexy, and bodies must be flawless in order to be considered to be beautiful. We all get caught up in these false qualifications of beauty, and fail to realize that the true qualification of a woman's beauty or anyone's beauty for that matter relies on the person they are at their heart's level.

True enough, being attractive is a part of what attracts humans to each other in the beginning stages of any new relationship, but a connection to someone's heart and soul is what keeps a healthy relationship going. It is important to remember that a woman's beauty on the outside will usually diminish greatly as their age increases, but the beauty a woman holds inside her heart will never fade!

You are Beautiful
Don't let the bullshit of today convince you that you aren't beautiful.
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Apr 18
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