The Deepest Pain Empowers You To Grow Into Yourself Highest Self
Sometimes getting a hold of the talents and greatness inside of ourselves, can be made easier by becoming empowered by the pain we may be experiencing in the moment. Though many people allow for themselves to be a victim of their circumstances, the ones who turn their dreams into reality are the ones who are empowered by every thing that enters into their path, including great depths of pain.

No matter how bad the pain you may be experiencing is, and no matter what circumstance that the pain you are feeling has put you in, you will never be able to become your highest self if you refuse to get up. You have to know that what you go through in life is up to you! There is no type of success you will have until you are able to get over the fact that you will experience pain. Continue to develop and continue to reach for the greatest life you can possibly live, despite the pain you will have to endure.

Being Hurt Is Something You Can't Stop From Happening
Being hurt is something you can't stop from happening, but being miserable is always your choice.
One great thing about being given a life to live is that the power we acquire throughout it, is solely produced by the choices we make while living it. We have so many choices on a daily basis, ranging from what toothpaste we are going to use, to what we are eating for breakfast, to deciding on whether or not we should buy that new car to get around in.
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Never Hold Back How You Feel
If you hold back how you feel because you're afraid of getting hurt you end up hurt anyway.
Never hold back how you feel about someone or about a certain situation, especially if you know once the opportunity to make something with someone is ever taken from you because someone else beat you to the punch will ultimately hurt you anyway.
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