The Truth Is Everyone Is Going To Hurt You
All of us have been hurt by someone that we hold dear to our heart, and if you haven't, don't fret because eventually, you will. This isn't a negative statement, but more of a realistic one, as humans by nature sometimes our own selfish desires outweigh the consequences of hurting someone that is close to us. In order to deal with the inevitable we must brace ourselves and keep our guard. Only let people in your life that you are willing to be hurt by, because anyone with an ounce of human blood in their body.

Remind yourself of this fact when you deal with those that you love as well. Realize that as you don't want to be hurt, it isn't right to hurt others. Think about the consequences your actions will have on somebody who loves you, as to keep them respecting you as someone that they know would try their hardest to avoid everything possible as to not hurt them.

No One Knows How To Tell The Truth Anymore
Lets play truth or dare, or maybe just dare because no one knows how to tell the truth anymore.
Telling the truth at times may be one of the hardest things in life to do. As many people know, honesty is the best policy, and though telling the truth to someone might devastate them, finding out that a lie was told before learning the actual truth is known to hurt more. Telling the truth is a core principle of ones life, and is usually taught at a young age. Telling the truth isn't always as easy as it sounds to do. Sometimes when you choose to be honest with someone, the person who learns the truth may get angry, bitter, and resentful towards you so it's best to meet in a location where the scene wont erupt too much.
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Feb 21
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