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Having a person in your life whom is truly special to you is a rare gift that not everyone in today's world has a chance to experience. It is not only important to make this person feel special on Valentine's Day, it is important that you make this special loved one feel as so, everyday! Treat everyday as it is Valentine's day, by telling your love how you feel about him/her as much as possible, and in as many innovative ways as possible. Showing your love can be indicated by not only purchasing materials things, but can also be easily shown and maybe even more appreciated by doing the small things.

For example, do something that you might not like doing so much that your lover would appreciate very dearly. Say, you aren't the neatest person, and your partner is. Try tidying up your home before they get a chance to, simply making up the bed can go a long way if it is something that you usually rely on your lover to do. Or maybe you aren't the most romantic person? Try surprising your girl at work with a nice bouquet of flowers to her liking. Or ladies, try "trading places" and take your guy out for dinner and a movie. We can't give our loved ones the ability to see through our eyes how much they mean to us, but by being as loving, caring, spontaneous, and determined to keep our relationships flowing as possible, it is probable that they will get a great idea daily of how we feel about them.

Your Love is All I Think About
Your love is all I think about.
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I Fell in Love
Somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, stupid little fights and all our jokes.. I fell in love.
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Feb 26
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