Have you ever longed for someones touch while you just shoved them away from you?
asked 1888d ago
missed someone so much that you had to bite your tounge, hold your breath, and smile, just so your wouldnt cry. Have you ever wanted an ex so bad that you acted like a bitch so they didnt know how much pain they caused you? Have you ever longed for someones touch while you just shoved them away from you?
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Directioner Kanishka Dixit

I've waited & also faked a smile but it kills me inside. bc he's miles away

Oswald Alvin

Nope, ex is EXample the thing you shall not do it again


yes I did that too..i was crazy about him..He had someone else,he broked my heart..and I left him..but I wanted him so badly that I couldn't stay away from him..and I always called him,i always went to see him..but I guess there comes a moment in everyone's life when you realize that u deserve better..and all these stuffs look stupid..so plz don't do any silly stuffs like me...trust me love makes us insane..

Im_such_a__B**ch Montana Litfin

Yeah I have and i reget doing it and i wish i can make time go back and start over but i cant i really miss thaqt person and when i see him or he talk to me i am going to show him i am sorry for everything i have done to him so dont push anyone away :(

Sajidoo Sajid

second choice is better ,think before doing it


yep all of the above

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