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Masonic is a term that basically describes anything that is related to the masons or freemasonry. An example of how Masonic would be used in a sentence would be “I enjoy the elegant stones outside of the building close to my place of business, they have a very masonic feel, and are certainly most beautiful.” The Freemasons and the masons are a secret order of individuals who practice customs and rituals revolving around the profession of stone masonry that no other group or individual knows besides those who are accepted Freemasons. Freemasons have created some of the most beautiful works of architecture to the world this date, and all involve the use of stone leaving each one with a very recognizable and unmistakable masonic feel. Modern day theorists now blame masons for forming what they call the Illuminati, and have many theories as to why those who call themselves Freemasons are so secretive.

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