End Of The World Quotes & Sayings

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The end of the world basically pertains to the time when the world will be destroyed and there will be no life on planet earth. The end of the world is suspected to happen because of a multitude of reasons. Nuclear attacks and alien attacks are the two such predominant factors which might bring about doomsday. Michael O’ Donohue had once remarked, “It's an end of the world I guess. I guess you'd currently call it disaster movie. But really they weren't disaster movies. They were more ends of the world movies. This is more an end of the world movie.” Some say that world might come to an end in December, 2012. Nobody can predict the end of the world. End of all life, end of time, end of the earth are terms synonymous with the term, “end of the world”. The end of the world is supposed to be a doomsday event which might bring the end of the entire human race. There are several risks to civilizations which are supposed to be the potential factors that might bring about doomsday. According to William Ames, “Hence the end of the world should be awaited with all longing by all believers.”


Kellin John Buenavides

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