What if anything do you believe so strongly in that you would give your life for?
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It's seems to me that true loyalty no longer exists, and people no longer have strong convictions or beliefs. There isn't anything left worth fighting for or dying for.
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sunainaaa sunaina mahajan

You made remember the song LOYALTY LOYALTY LOYALTY Haha You need to take a step forward, analyse. Look out. You'll sure find the ones who're worth it. But the ones who aren't meant to

Patriciawellingt Patriciawellington

I truly believe that Jesus Christ Died for me, and for the sins of mankind. I firmly believe that Jesus loves today.

Julandie_Scholtz Julandie Scholtz

Being a mother I would never stop fighting for my son, I would sacrifice everything my life for him.


Yeah LOYALTY is hard to find these days, but it doesn't mean that everyone are the same.

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