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Being kind is all about being compassionate and generous towards others. You should be kind towards others and help them when they are in need. Those who are rude towards others are despised by everyone and don’t enjoy a great image in the society. One should be kind to other living organisms such as animals that cannot speak and express their pain and suffering. Never torture animals and kill them for the sake of your own pleasure. People, who indulge in hunting or poaching for the sake of their pleasure or for the hide and skin of animals, are actually ruthless and unkind towards them. One should also show kindness and compassion towards the poor. You should be generous and kind towards your subordinates and never subjugate them. A king should show kindness and compassion towards his subjects. He should be benevolent, kind and generous towards all. Such kings are hailed and respected by all and sundry. If you show kindness and compassion towards others, you are obviously doing a good deed. As a consequence, you will also be blessed likewise. In the words of Duke Ellington, “Fate is being kind to me. Fate doesn't want me to be too famous too young.”


Mark Twain

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