Flirtation Quotes & Sayings

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Flirtation is behaving in an alluring way and to put it in a new perspective, flirtation is attention without intention. Flirtation is almost an inevitable thing, especially during the teen age and is common to both men and women. While flirting, the person thinks that this is the man or woman of the dreams and the best that they can come across. But there is always scope for the better and when another better person comes in the way, the first one is forgotten. This is purely infatuation and has nothing to do with pure love or affection. Flirtation is based on external looks and the way the person carries himself or herself. But nonetheless, flirtation is an expression of self confidence and in fact, gives more courage and confidence. As long as it does not cause any emotional harm, flirtation is harmless. Here is a myriad of quotes on flirtation to read and enjoy.



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