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A new relationship in a person’s life can certainly be seen as a blessing. When we encounter new people and spark new relationships we are hopefully opening up new windows of the world to see out of. When we start a new relationship it is important not to be selfish about it, and not to just be in it for the benefit of yourself, but also in hopes that we may help change someone’s life for the better, while we affect them in a positive manner as well. New relationship’s will bring a change in our lives, and if we notice that this change in us is probably not for the best, it is important that we fix this new relationship as early as possible as to avoid heavy complications later on when one may be a lot more involved in said relationship. Cherish every new relationship that you are a part of, be the best relationship partner that you can be and remember that when you give someone your all you deserve nothing less than to receive their all.


Anna Hathway

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