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Monthsary is an important day just like an anniversary. The basic difference between a monthsary and an Anniversary is that the former is celebrated in terms of months and the latter is celebrated in terms of years. In a year, there can be only 11 monthsaries for a certain event because the 12th monthsary is nothing but anniversary. Monthsaries are also special and important events and people celebrate a monthsary of togetherness in style, too. Monthsary togetherness or monthsary of any event can be celebrated month after month by gifting your beloved something and making him feel special by cooking some delicious food. Monthsary is special tough its importance should not be exaggerated. On monthsary, you can even purchase a monthsary card or send e-cards to your beloved along with some valuables to show your love and celebrate your months of togetherness, as they keep piling on and eventually culminate into your anniversary.

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