Honor Quotes & Sayings

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Honor has various references like, it is the personal dignity or it is the good reputation and can also be referred to the source of pride that brings respect or glory to a person. Honor is very much need for a dignified person. Sophocles says, “Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud”. When we venture into an action, we should foresee the consequences so that we can come out of it with honor. If you know that your actions are wrong and do it deliberately, you cannot acquire honor. “Better to die ten thousand deaths than wound my honor “said Joseph Addison. Honor is the hall mark of great people who would sacrifice everything just for the sake of honor. Once we come out of honor and lose it, it is impossible to regain it. Only in honest toil, honor lives and a wise man is bound by honor. Here are quotes on honor given by statesmen, leaders, politicians and great philosophers. Read them; they are inspiring and thought provoking.



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