Never Forget How Special You Are
May you go the places in life that you desire to go. Sometimes forget who we are. When we are willing to believe right, then we will be able to behave right and achieve the heights that we want to achieve. You have to have belief in who you are, because much of our life happens based off of the knowledge of who we are on this world.

Remember that you arent perfect, and if you are ever to be happy sometimes you will have bumps in the road, and sometimes your burdens will be a little heavier than usual. Never lose sight of your dreams, and always remember that if you continue to aim high in life you will become who you aspire to become eventually!

Stay True To Yourself
Stay true to yourself because there are very few people who will always be true to you.
When we are willing to leave where we are most comfortable and when we are willing to travel roads that have been left untouched by many, then we will be able to find what is great, because we will find ourselves. Take a chance and look for the person that you desire to be. You will experience troubles and adversity along this long road, but never fret, because it sometimes requires pain to grow.
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Life Doesn't Get Easier, You Just Get Stronger
Life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger.
As you go through life in a path towards your dreams, one thing you learn is that everything you have been through can teach you a lesson about where you are going. It isn't and it shouldn't be everyday that we make mistakes, because we should be able to learn from the mistakes of the past, so that we don't make them again.
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You Deserve A Love That Is Willing To Risk Everything For You
You deserve a love that is willing to risk everything for you.
Not everyone that is in a relationship is receiving the actual love that they deserve. We all deserve a love that is willing to risk everything for us. Sometimes we may be the one preventing ourselves from receiving the love we deserve, because when we expect something to be given to us, we have to first be willing to give it away.
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Don't Change So People Will Like You
Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will love the real you.
What does being yourself really entail? You hear people talk about, and it has even become a cliche saying, but not necessarily a cliche way to live life. If you are going to be yourself you must first know how. Take some time to find yourself by finding the things in life you really believe in, and that fill you with joy and passion. What things might you enjoy doing, and what are some things that you know arent for you by even thinking about them.
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