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Blame means to put the charges on someone else or hold someone else responsible for things that went wrong. It is easy to put the blame on someone else and walk away without taking the responsibility for the mishaps that occurred. In fact, this is what we call playing the blame game. Do not blame people, circumstances, God, or anyone else for things that went wrong or things that you could not achieve. What you get is the result of your own karma. You are responsible for your own happiness. Blaming someone else will not change the reality. The best thing is to do some soul-searching and analyze what should have been done and where did your fault lie. This will help you to move forward and grow into a seasoned and mature person. Moreover, there is nothing like "mistakes" in this world. Mistakes are lessons to learn from and move forward. So, don't blame others for your misdeeds.


Tapan Ghosh

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