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Babies are a bundle of joy, a pack of happiness and love and affection all put together in one form. There is not a single misery in this world that cannot be forgotten by looking at the smile of babies. They have the power to melt the heart of any stone- hearted person. Babies always have some thing to surprise us, to entertain us and also with their mischief, make us tumble down. Babies are enough to make us love stronger, make us happier and shabbier. They are messengers of god with the message by god to continue our life. They act as links between men and angels. Thus, babies are a bundle of joy, excitement and when you hold a baby in your hand, you will realize that how can anyone miss such an experience in life? The emotions that are stirred should be experienced to be enjoyed and the following quotes on babies are here to enjoy, agree and bring a smile on your face.


Hermann J Steinherr

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