Your Importance To Others
Every one of us is going to be a special person to someone we meet in our lives. That doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to grow up and find your Mr. or Mrs. right at the perfect age of 25. It may mean that by following your dreams or goals that you set up for yourself in life that you inspire a nation to do the same. It may mean that as a single father or mother, the most important subject(s) of your life your children will look at you as a superhero. It may mean that your ideas or inventions help the world from generations to come with the survival of those who inhabit it.

We may never truly know how much of an effect that we have had on this world to this day, but you should know that you are definitely important to the people around you, or else they wouldn't be around you. Even if we fail to realize it, as members of society we all are important to our society, and that if we choose to work hard and fight for what we know is right, we will be even more important to it!

Turning Your Life Around
Every second is a chance to turn your life around.
Too many times people get stuck on their pasts, and let their pasts weigh them down more and more and eventually get to the point to where they are no longer productive members of society. Some of us think that just because we feel stuck in a certain way of life or lifestyle that we are forever condemned to it. With a lot of hard work, a serious change in our mindset, and usually with a complete change in the environment we are around everyday, we can change our lives at any given time.
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Learning To Let Go
Its hard to hold on to something that you know would never be yours in any way you think of. You just have to learn to let go and face the fact that while good things never last, some don't even start.
There are many times in life when we badly want something or someone that we will probably never have, whether the fault lie on us, another person, or the circumstances surrounding it. Sometimes letting go of something is a very hard thing to do, especially if we never really got a chance to do things the way we wanted, because we think the situation might be different if we had the opportunity to try.
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Anything Worth Having Is Worth Fighting For
Anything you truly want must be worth fighting for.
To determine our goals and aspirations in life we must truly be concerned with what ignites passion into our lives. A lot of us in this world work jobs making enough money to live off of and to survive, not even thinking about making plans, or setting goals to achieve and accomplish what may be in our dreams. It is important to remember to not let our circumstances keep us away from our dreams, no matter what they may be.
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Taking Chances In Life
In this world we have to take chances, sometimes they're worth it and sometimes they're not, but I'm telling you now, you will never know until you try.
When we take a deep look at our lives, we realize that where we are now is a make up of the choices we have made in the past, and what we learned from those experiences. Those of us who may have been scared to take chances in the past may find ourselves wondering what could have been if we had taken the chances that we were scared of choosing. Many of people in the Business world see life as a series of Yes's and No's. Business minded individuals know that usually the worse thing that may happen is that you be denied one time, and after so many denials or "No's" there is bound to be a "Yes."
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Overcoming Challenges In Life
God wants us to live like the grass. Even if it's stepped on, crushed, burned and cut; it always persists and grows back even greener and stronger.
In our lives sometimes we fall short of overcoming challenges. Losing a battle in life is a hard circumstance to stomach, especially if a lot of hard work and care is what you put into something. There are a few things to remember about getting back up, and being persistent, one is that all your hard work from before will really go to waste if you just quit trying all together. Second of all, you don't want to be remembered as or remember yourself as a quitter, and wonder for the rest of your life on what could have been. More than likely what you need to accomplish is something that someone else has accomplished so it's not impossible to do. Even if your feat has never been accomplished, that is all the more reason to try again, and try even harder to do something and be remembered for doing it.
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Words Of Encouragement For A Friend
You deserve to wear a smile in your heart. Not because of what you have or what you do, but because of who you are. Yes, you are changing each day; but you are always amazing just as you are.
In the world today it the amount of money we have and the way we look seems to be a bigger deal than the person we are at heart. The media blasts picture perfect flicks and video of famous stars across television, and magazine publications in order to make the most money, even though they realize that people may be influenced negatively by these phony representations of these stars. It is important to learn at a young age to be as complacent as possible in your own skin.
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Quote About Success In Life
Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life it's about what you inspire others to do.
Success can be viewed by most as the goals that a person accomplishes that usually results in the bestowing of a monetary gain, high respect, or personal fulfillment. A lot of times though success isn't just an accomplishment for the person who committed themselves to fulfilling the goals, it is often times an inspiration and a source of hope for those who see a person reach their goals. Jackie Robinson's success as one of the first successful African-American baseball players inspired African-American athletes of all types, including basketball and football as well, to diligently work to be successful athletes in the biggest professional athletic associations as well.
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Stop Caring About What Other People Think
If you care about what other people think, you will always be their prisoner.
Caring too much about what others may think of us is a challenge that many of us deal with it at some point or even points in our lives. We all want to be accepted by our peers and we sometimes even let this determine how we live our lives, not realizing that when we live a life untrue to who we really are on the inside, we are living imprisoned in our own bodies. To live life and pursue happiness, we must first love ourselves, and part of loving yourself is being who you really are at your heart's level. When we dedicate our lives to only doing things that other people approve of, it denies of from the nurturing love we owe to ourselves, and delays our pursuit of happiness.
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Someday You Will Make Someone's Dreams Come True
Each of us represents a star in heaven. Sometimes we shine with the rest, sometimes we twinkle alone, and sometimes, when we least expect it, we make someone's dreams come true.
If we think of ourselves as a star we think of ourselves as a figure that always has a light on. Trust, whether you believe it or not during this day and age, people are watching your every move to see whether or not your light will go out or not. As the old church song says "this little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine" we need to make sure our light is always shining. Living life so that everyone can see our light, or the cause that we live for, our passion.
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12 Motivational Quotes to Get You Through The Day
1. Happiness is a direction, not a destination.

2. Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.
-Bill Cosby

3. Love yourself.

4. Where there is love, there is life.

5. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

6. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.
-Jimmy Johnson

7. An eye for an eye only makes the world blind.

8. Bring deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
-Lao Tzu

9. Happiness depends upon ourselves.

10. If you're doing your best, you won't have time to worry about failure.
-H. Jackson Brown Jr

11. The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
-Robert Byrne

12. We can't solve problems by using the same thinking we used to create them.
-Albert Einstein

Let this set of famous quotes be your encouragement and motivation for work today or whatever it is you may be doing in life! I truly love these inspiring quotes and want to give a very special thanks to lovelydreamms of tumblr for creating this magnificent collage of amazing quotes to live by.
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