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Imagine a world without the quality of apology and it would be frightening. Apologies have the capability of melting even the hardest of stone hearts. Even in an argument, apology is the best way to have the last word. The flavor of apology has the tendency to transform even the clumsiest moments into a gracious gift. Apologies can largely be avoided by thinking before we act but this is rarely done. So, the best way to patch things up is to apologize. The ego is the only hurdle that stands in the way of apologizing and if this is removed, there is nothing that could stop it, whether it is between friends, spouses, business or anyone. Lynn Johnston said, apology is the superglue of life that can repair just about anything. You can send these quotes on apology to all those you care for as it is a very good message to be followed.


Derrick Obedgiu

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