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Growing up actually pertains to emotional, physical and psychological growth. All of us are born as babies and then grow into children, then teenagers and finally adults. Each phase brings about a lot of changes in our psyche and physical appearance. Mental outlook changes and we tend to become more mature. Becoming mature with increasing age suggests the process of “coming off age” of a person. During the growing up phase, care should be taken by parents that their wards don’t go wayward and follow the wrong ideas and beliefs. The growing up phase of adolescence is the time when parents should keep a close eye on the activities of their children. Sensible teenagers can only transform into mature and sensible citizens. Irish politician John Hume had once remarked, “Every child growing up will look to their parents, my mother and my father. My grandmother lived with us. I picked up quite a bit of family lore and history from her, which was interesting.”


Bekar Cherio

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