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Friday, December 13
There are so many needs in our life that we find it hard to fulfill them. Even if some of the needs are fulfilled, day in and day out, we face new needs and they are ever increasing. There is no end to it. The satisfaction will never come if our needs are growing. So, it’s high time we cut short our needs in order to get peace of mind. “Find a need and fill it ‘said Ruth Stafford Peale. Restricting needs will result in fewer searches of material benefits-less effort-and in turn, peace of mind ultimately. ‘We all need the waters of Mercy River. Though they don’t run deep, there is usually enough for the extravagance of life “says a quote. So, needs are there to be fulfilled and if they are within the reachable limits, well and good. Don’t aspire for needs that are out of reach and add more misery. Read these quotes on needs and get more informed.