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Teenagers are youngsters in the age group of 13-19 or the so-called age of teens. Teenagers are mostly school going or college going students. Teenage is the age when one is into fashion and starts caring about his or her looks and appearances. So, teenagers always ensure that their dressing sense and the way they carry themselves, falls in line with the current fashion trends. In the words of Ben Savage, “A lot of the problems teenagers go through, it's better for them to go through them on their own. If you always have a crutch, you don't learn anything.” Teenagers love to flaunt their assets and love to move out and hang out with their friends. Teenage is the age when teenagers end up having several crushes and some of them might even get into a relationship. According to Susanne Fields, “American high school students trail teenagers from 14 European and Asian countries in reading, math and science. We're even trailing France.”


Missy Mitch

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