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Listen, please. I've been with my fiance for more than 3yrs, and I cherished every moment being with her. I made mistakes and fixed them, I told the truth. She left me for her suspicious that's being going on in my life. I had nothing to hide from her and deep down she knows it. Anyways it broke her heart, and her trust and I know it'll take years to even patch that up... Now, I'm alittle confused. we have 5weeks, til our lease is up. she's debating on being with me or not.. what the hell can I do to get her back? Other than the cliches like, buying flowers and teddy bears, etc. cause I’ve already bought those.
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aglasikristine Ririchiyo Akane

Just Show her that you love her and say that whatever your decision will be, I had always love and been true to you, Whatever your decision will be I hope you'll be happy and I will still always love you and I'll always be here for you whenever you need me. :)


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aleen.zipnet rafiur rahman

ommaeadams1 ommae

Tell her how you feel and The whole truth shell take It from there

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