Cold Hearted Quotes & Sayings

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Someone who is extremely unemotional is said to a cold-hearted person. A cold-hearted or stone-hearted person has a heart completely devoid and immune to emotions. A cold-hearted person can never feel for anyone and is insensitive to love, pain etc. A person becomes cold-hearted according to some circumstances which mould him accordingly. Cold-hearted people are basically stoic in nature and stay unperturbed by circumstances. Cold-hearted people are devoid of feelings and emotions. Cold-hearted people are very difficult to deal with and they have a very limited list of friends if any. People find it difficult to bond with a person who has heart completely insensitive to emotions of any kind. Thomas Campbell had once remarked, “The proud, the cold untroubled heart of stone, that never mused on sorrow but its own.”



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