Negativity Quotes & Sayings

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Negativity is a pessimistic attitude. Someone who has a negative attitude leads a negative life. When someone has a negative approach towards life, he cannot view the brighter aspect of things. A negative person is characterized by habitual skepticism a disagreeable tendency to oppose or deny or resist commands and suggestions. Negativity kills hopes, aspirations, the desire to make things better and move on. When an adversity strikes, a negative person easily gives in and becomes hopeless instead of rising to the occasion and facing it valiantly. Negativity should be replaced with an optimistic attitude. Optimists always stay strong even when the going gets tough. Negativity and a negative attitude towards life will poison your life and you will never be able to attain your goals and realize them. A positive attitude is the key to success in life. Life's battles are mostly fought in the mind. If the mind stays cool, positive and focused under all circumstances, it can resist all kinds of negativity and move forward.


Byarugaba Jesse

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